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Acknowledgment to the Reviewers of AppliedChem in 2022

MDPI AG, St. Alban-Anlage 66, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
AppliedChem 2023, 3(1), 64-65;
Published: 16 January 2023
High-quality academic publishing is built on rigorous peer review. AppliedChem was able to uphold its high standards for published papers due to the outstanding efforts of our reviewers. Thanks to the efforts of our reviewers in 2022, the median time to first decision was 14 days and the median time to publication was 45 days. Regardless of whether the articles they examined were ultimately published, the editors would like to express their appreciation and thank the following reviewers for the time and dedication that they have shown AppliedChem:
Abraham FinnyLing Yue
Alberto MinassiLuca Cappellin
Aleksandr M. KulkovMaksym M. Fizer
Ali ElrashidiMaria Del Cisne Guamán-Balcázar
Alon DavidyMarios G. Kostakis
Andrey BlokhinMatt Marlow
Balaraman KaluvuMiguel Ángel Prieto
Bashir AdelodunMonika Staś
Bouchaib IhssaneNaoki Kano
Changhyun Roh‪Natasa Nastic
Changqi LiuOgueri Nwaiwu
Chaojin LuPanagiotis F. Liaparinos
Chi-Tien ChenPaweł Kamiński
Clemens K. WeissPetre Chipurici
Clive H. YenPiotr Lukasiak
Danuta KrólPiya Temviriyanukul
Dawei ZhangQuirina Ferreira
Don McGlincheyRaúl Carrera Cerritos
Farzaneh MohamadpourRené Escobedo-González
Frabrizio OlivitoSaad Shaaban
Haifeng LuŞeyda Bostancı
Jiandong YaoShadab Md
João Guilherme De Moraes PontesSilvia Carvalho
Jose Joaquin Hernandez TorresSorin Marius Avramescu
José UrietaStanisław Pietrzyk
Jun-ichi KadokawaStepan Podzimek
Katarina SmilkovTamer Mohammed El-Messery
Khosrow RahimiVirendra Yadav
Kirk P. ManfrediXiao-Yong Liu
Kollarigowda RavichandranXiaoyu Hao
Konstantin I. GalkinYan Cheng
László HegedűsYen-Heng Lin
Laura GiamperiYuta Matsushima
Leire Gartzia-RiveroZhiqi He
Disclaimer/Publisher’s Note: The statements, opinions and data contained in all publications are solely those of the individual author(s) and contributor(s) and not of MDPI and/or the editor(s). MDPI and/or the editor(s) disclaim responsibility for any injury to people or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content.

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AppliedChem Editorial Office. Acknowledgment to the Reviewers of AppliedChem in 2022. AppliedChem 2023, 3, 64-65.

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AppliedChem Editorial Office. Acknowledgment to the Reviewers of AppliedChem in 2022. AppliedChem. 2023; 3(1):64-65.

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AppliedChem Editorial Office. 2023. "Acknowledgment to the Reviewers of AppliedChem in 2022" AppliedChem 3, no. 1: 64-65.

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