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Peer-Review Record

A Critical Commentary on the SDGs and the Role of Tourism

Tour. Hosp. 2022, 3(4), 855-860;
Reviewer 1:
Reviewer 2: Anonymous
Tour. Hosp. 2022, 3(4), 855-860;
Submission received: 26 July 2022 / Revised: 15 August 2022 / Accepted: 15 August 2022 / Published: 10 October 2022

Round 1

Reviewer 1 Report

Generally, I believe that there is an overall benefit to publishing this commentary, considering  the significance of the topic itself, as well as its possible impact. This critical overview is well-structured, with a clear, concise style of writing and relevant references, the conclusions are clear and coherent. But, still I believe that there are some improvement that should be done in the commentary itself in order to improve its quality.

The topic of the commentary is very interesting and relevant from many different points of view and it fits the journal scope.

Although there are some reviews published recently that deal with this topic, I believe that this review is still relevant and of interest for community. It is clear and of relevance to the field. 

The commentary is written in an appropriate way, and it is well structured. The style of writing is clear and concise, while the language is appropriate and understandable. 

The cited references are mostly recent relevant publications from this field. 

The statements and conclusions are drawn coherent and are supported by listed citations. 

The commentary is correctly designed and technically sound. 

I believe that there is an overall benefit to publishing this commentary, considering  the significance of the topic itself, as well as the fact that it may be useful for different stakeholders.

My suggestion would be to reformulate the abstract in order to point out two very important things:

1- to add the main conclusions of the commentary (in one sentence)

 2- to add the most important stakeholders that may find this commentary useful

In section Spotlight Tourism to Progress the SDGs, it should additionally point out the role of tourism in most of the SDG targets (although it is explicitly emphasised in 3 of 169 SDG targets, the fact is that it may significantly contribute to the achievement, if not all, than at leat the majority of defined goals). This is mentioned in the second paragraph of this section (Rifai, 2017, p.6), but should be additionally pointed out.

Final reflections should be additionally elaborated (first paragraph- possible models of stakeholders' networking, marketing campaigns, on-line media, introduction of courses regarding SDG at different education levels etc. )


Author Response

Please see the attachment. 

Author Response File: Author Response.pdf

Reviewer 2 Report

The study is very well carried out and structured. This work is very useful in the field of tourism. I am not the best person to assess the English writing but I was able to read the article in a very comprehensive and understandable way what makes me think that the written is good.

However, it should point out some of the conclusions, implications and research gaps. Perhaps it deserved more bibliographic references related to international studies. See the following articles on intentions to intervene in the environment that should be added to your work, taking into account the need for more interventions to respond to climate change problems, particularly in urban areas (, during the COVID-19 period (https://www.mdpi .com/2071-1050/13/11/6399) and identified challenges for the tourism sector globally (

Congratulations. Good Work!

Author Response

Please see the attachment.

Author Response File: Author Response.pdf

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