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Dry Powder Inhalers—Between the Doctor and the Patient

Department of Pediatric Pulmonology and Rheumatology Medical University in Lublin, 120-093 Lublin, Poland
Department of Allergology and Pulmonology, Postgraduate Centre for Medical Education, Warsaw, Poland
Chair of Internal Medicine and Department of Internal Medicine in Nursing Medical Unoversity in Lublin, Lublin, Poland
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Adv. Respir. Med. 2018, 86(1), 44-52;
Original submission received: 18 December 2017 / Revised: 14 February 2018 / Accepted: 14 February 2018 / Published: 28 February 2018


The article briefly presents currently accessible dry powder inhalers (DPI). Basing on the data from the literature, we discussed the most common mistakes related to the utilisation of DPI as well as their clinical and economic consequences. We also extensively analysed all factors that may influence the efficacy and safety of inhaler therapy of asthma and COPD, mostly with the use of DPI. In addition, we indicated the potential to improve the efficacy of inhaler therapy from the doctor and COPD or asthma patient perspective. We also presented a DPI choice algorithm including the patient’s preferences and competences.
Keywords: dry powder inhaler; asthma; COPD; patient; errors in inhalation dry powder inhaler; asthma; COPD; patient; errors in inhalation

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Emeryk, A.; Pirożyński, M.; Emeryk-Maksymiuk, J. Dry Powder Inhalers—Between the Doctor and the Patient. Adv. Respir. Med. 2018, 86, 44-52.

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Emeryk A, Pirożyński M, Emeryk-Maksymiuk J. Dry Powder Inhalers—Between the Doctor and the Patient. Advances in Respiratory Medicine. 2018; 86(1):44-52.

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Emeryk, Andrzej, Michał Pirożyński, and Justyna Emeryk-Maksymiuk. 2018. "Dry Powder Inhalers—Between the Doctor and the Patient" Advances in Respiratory Medicine 86, no. 1: 44-52.

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