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Case Report

Unilateral Hypertransparency on Chest Radiograph: The Congenital Poland Syndrome

2nd Pulmonary Department, “Attikon” University Hospital, Athens Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1 Rimini Street, 12462 Haidari, Greece
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Adv. Respir. Med. 2016, 84(6), 342-343;
Submission received: 16 September 2016 / Revised: 7 November 2016 / Accepted: 7 November 2016 / Published: 7 December 2016


Unilateral hypertransparent hemithorax requires a particular diagnostic approach as it can be the result of diverse pulmonary diseases, including pneumothorax, large pulmonary embolus, unilateral large bullae, mucous plag, airway obstruction and contralateral pleural effusion. Congenital syndromes with chest wall abnormalities, are rare, but often underdiagnosed causes. Poland Syndrome consists of such a rare, congenital anomaly and is characterized by the absence of the pectoralis major muscle and upper limb ipsilateral abnormalities. We present a case of a patient with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and a unilateral hypertransparency on chest radiology, attributed to the underlying Poland Syndrome.
Keywords: chest wall; anatomy; congenital lesions chest wall; anatomy; congenital lesions

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Tomos, I.; Papaioannou, A.I.; Vlami, A.; Apollonatou, V.; Manali, E.D.; Papiris, S.A. Unilateral Hypertransparency on Chest Radiograph: The Congenital Poland Syndrome. Adv. Respir. Med. 2016, 84, 342-343.

AMA Style

Tomos I, Papaioannou AI, Vlami A, Apollonatou V, Manali ED, Papiris SA. Unilateral Hypertransparency on Chest Radiograph: The Congenital Poland Syndrome. Advances in Respiratory Medicine. 2016; 84(6):342-343.

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Tomos, Ioannis, Andriana I. Papaioannou, Aikaterini Vlami, Vasiliki Apollonatou, Effrosyni D. Manali, and Spyros A. Papiris. 2016. "Unilateral Hypertransparency on Chest Radiograph: The Congenital Poland Syndrome" Advances in Respiratory Medicine 84, no. 6: 342-343.

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