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Nutrition Study People over 80 Years

Javier Benítez
Nieves Perejón
Marcelino Arriaza
Pilar Bellanco
Management Unit "La Laguna", SAS-Cádiz (España)
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Eur. J. Investig. Health Psychol. Educ. 2012, 2(3), 77-89;
Submission received: 1 November 2012 / Revised: 10 December 2012 / Accepted: 12 December 2012 / Published: 12 December 2012


Loneliness has always been associated and reported as a risk factor of malnutrition in the elderly. People over 80 who live alone have deserved this study to detect their situation and potential for action to improve their quality of life. Objectives: To determinate the nutritional status of people over 80 living alone in the area of “La Laguna”, Cádiz. Material and method: In PIAMLA`80 program analyse those parameters and their possible correlations in a group of 342 elderly living alone over 80 years old. Different parameters were measured: Integral Geriatric Evaluation, Barthel, Lawton-Brody, Lobo, Gijon, specific analytical blood chemistry and MNA. Results: In a population of 984 people, were selected 342 initially, but finally the group decreases to 247 people. The mean Barthel was 80.42 points, 5.76 Lawton and Gijon from 11.3 Lobo 26.48. The MNA for the whole population was 24.25/30 detecting only a risk age group in women of 85-95. Correlation between nutrition and the biochemical test values showed positive for haemoglobin (0.19), total protein (0.26), Fe (0.32) and albumin (0.46). Conclusions: In our research we have not detected malnutrition in any age group or gender. The use of nutrition test MNA and its MINI version must be generalized as an accurate, clear, quick and easy tool to use.
Keywords: elderly; loneliness; nutrition; MNA elderly; loneliness; nutrition; MNA

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Benítez, J.; Perejón, N.; Arriaza, M.; Bellanco, P. Nutrition Study People over 80 Years. Eur. J. Investig. Health Psychol. Educ. 2012, 2, 77-89.

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Benítez J, Perejón N, Arriaza M, Bellanco P. Nutrition Study People over 80 Years. European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education. 2012; 2(3):77-89.

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Benítez, Javier, Nieves Perejón, Marcelino Arriaza, and Pilar Bellanco. 2012. "Nutrition Study People over 80 Years" European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education 2, no. 3: 77-89.

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