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Correction to Arts 2023, 12(2), 62.
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Correction: Leyda and Sulimma (2023). Pop/Poetry: Dickinson as Remix. Arts 12: 62

Department of Art and Media Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 7491 Trondheim, Norway
English Department, Faculty of Philology, University of Freiburg, 79085 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Arts 2023, 12(6), 226;
Submission received: 18 October 2023 / Accepted: 18 October 2023 / Published: 30 October 2023
(This article belongs to the Special Issue New Perspectives on Pop Culture)

Missing Citation

In the original publication (Leyda and Sulimma 2023), (Herman 2021) was not cited. The citation has now been inserted in 3. Of Cottagecore, Mermaids, and Suffering, Paragraph 3 should read:
“In a tweet, Alison Herman even coins the expression “Dickinson-core”, which Jeannette Schollaert expands to describe how the biographies and scholarship of the poet emphasize her domesticity, her long flowing dresses, gardening, and flower-pressing—all of which lend themselves to this feminized aesthetic appreciation: “The phenomenon of idealizing and romanticizing an aestheticized version of quaint cottage domestic life is not new, but the most recent #cottagecore trend bears striking similarities to the life and leisures of Emily Dickinson” (Schollaert 2021, n.p.; Herman 2021).”
With this correction, the order of some references has been adjusted accordingly. The authors state that the scientific conclusions are unaffected. This correction was approved by the Academic Editor. The original publication has also been updated.


  1. Herman, Alison. 2021. Tweet. @aherman2006. Available online: (accessed on 7 April 2021).
  2. Leyda, Julia, and Maria Sulimma. 2023. Pop/Poetry: Dickinson as Remix. Arts 12: 62. [Google Scholar] [CrossRef]
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Leyda, J.; Sulimma, M. Correction: Leyda and Sulimma (2023). Pop/Poetry: Dickinson as Remix. Arts 12: 62. Arts 2023, 12, 226.

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Leyda J, Sulimma M. Correction: Leyda and Sulimma (2023). Pop/Poetry: Dickinson as Remix. Arts 12: 62. Arts. 2023; 12(6):226.

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Leyda, Julia, and Maria Sulimma. 2023. "Correction: Leyda and Sulimma (2023). Pop/Poetry: Dickinson as Remix. Arts 12: 62" Arts 12, no. 6: 226.

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