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Case Report

Primary Neurofibroma of the Common Bile duct: A Case Report

Dominique Béchade
Thierry Boulanger
Laurent Palazzo
3 and
Jean-Pierre Algayres
Department of Medicine, Cancer Research Institute, Bordeaux (Institut Bergonié), Paris, France
Department of Surgery, Val de Grâce, Paris, France
30 Rue d’Astorg, Paris, France
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Gastroenterol. Insights 2009, 1(1), e6;
Submission received: 6 September 2009 / Revised: 20 October 2009 / Accepted: 22 October 2009 / Published: 24 November 2009


Obstructive jaundice secondary to common bile duct stricture is attributed most commonly to pancreatic cancer and cholangiocarcinoma. Benign tumors of the extrahepatic biliary duct such as papilloma or adenoma are rare, accounting for 6% of biliary tumors.1,2 Among them, neurofibromas of the extrahepatic biliary tract are extremely rare and clinically non-specific. Their preoperative diagnosis is most difficult, especially when there is no history of cholecystectomy or biliary tract trauma.3,4 We report a case of such a lesion in a young female patient.
Keywords: Neurofibroma; Common bile duct; Endoscopic ultrasound Neurofibroma; Common bile duct; Endoscopic ultrasound

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Béchade, D.; Boulanger, T.; Palazzo, L.; Algayres, J.-P. Primary Neurofibroma of the Common Bile duct: A Case Report. Gastroenterol. Insights 2009, 1, e6.

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Béchade D, Boulanger T, Palazzo L, Algayres J-P. Primary Neurofibroma of the Common Bile duct: A Case Report. Gastroenterology Insights. 2009; 1(1):e6.

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Béchade, Dominique, Thierry Boulanger, Laurent Palazzo, and Jean-Pierre Algayres. 2009. "Primary Neurofibroma of the Common Bile duct: A Case Report" Gastroenterology Insights 1, no. 1: e6.

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