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The Current Oncology Scholar’s Forum and Workshop

College of Pharmacy, Jinan University, Guangzhou 510632, China
Curr. Oncol. 2013, 20(2), 62;
Submission received: 8 January 2013 / Revised: 5 February 2013 / Accepted: 11 March 2013 / Published: 1 April 2013


To promote and support the development of cancer research worldwide, Current Oncology facilitates dialogue and builds a valuable body of work through publications, conferences, and Web sites, among other initiatives. [...]

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Cai, Y. The Current Oncology Scholar’s Forum and Workshop. Curr. Oncol. 2013, 20, 62.

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Cai Y. The Current Oncology Scholar’s Forum and Workshop. Current Oncology. 2013; 20(2):62.

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Cai, Y. 2013. "The Current Oncology Scholar’s Forum and Workshop" Current Oncology 20, no. 2: 62.

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