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Case Report

Primary Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of Liver

Cancer Care Center of Frederick, 46B Thomas Johnson Drive, Frederick, MD 21702, USA
Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India
Frederick Imaging Center, Frederick, MD, USA
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Curr. Oncol. 2009, 16(4), 74-77;
Submission received: 9 May 2009 / Revised: 4 June 2009 / Accepted: 7 July 2009 / Published: 1 August 2009


Primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma (nhl) of liver is a very rare malignancy. Here, we report the case of a 65-year-old man who presented with constipation and right groin pain of 2 months’ duration. A computed tomography (ct) scan of the abdomen incidentally detected multiple hypodense nodules in both lobes of the liver. Diagnosis of primary nhl of liver was made using ultrasound-guided biopsy. Extensive investigations—which included bone marrow biopsy; fluorescence in situ hybridization; flow cytometry; ct scan of chest, abdomen, and pelvis; and whole-body positron-emission tomography—showed no involvement of bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, or any other organ. The patient is currently being treated with a chop-r (cyclophosphamide–doxorubicin–vincristine–prednisolone/rituximab) regimen. The case has many unique features, including normal liver function tests, especially that for lactate dehydrogenase; no type B symptoms; and negative serology for viruses. The case demonstrates that primary hepatic lymphoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of space-occupying liver lesions in presence of normal levels of alpha-fetoprotein and carcinoembryonic antigen. The literature is extensively reviewed.
Keywords: primary hepatic lymphoma; non-Hodgkin lymphoma; liver; rituximab primary hepatic lymphoma; non-Hodgkin lymphoma; liver; rituximab

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Masood, A.; Kairouz, S.; Hudhud, K.H.; Hegazi, A.Z.; Banu, A.; Gupta, N.C. Primary Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of Liver. Curr. Oncol. 2009, 16, 74-77.

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Masood A, Kairouz S, Hudhud KH, Hegazi AZ, Banu A, Gupta NC. Primary Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of Liver. Current Oncology. 2009; 16(4):74-77.

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Masood, Ashiq, S. Kairouz, K. H. Hudhud, A. Z. Hegazi, A. Banu, and N. C. Gupta. 2009. "Primary Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of Liver" Current Oncology 16, no. 4: 74-77.

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