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Molecules, Volume 5, Issue 11 (November 2000) – 1 article , Pages 1182-1186

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The Reaction of Trimethylsilylethynyl(phenyl)iodonium Triflate with Some Phenolates: Formation of Substitution and sp2 C-H Insertion Products
by Spyros Nikas, Nestor Rodios and Anastasios Varvoglis
Molecules 2000, 5(11), 1182-1186; - 1 Nov 2000
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Treatment of trimethylsilylethynyl(phenyl)iodonium triflate with the potassium salts of some acidic phenols results in the formation of substitution products (O-trimethylsilylethynylphenols and/or O-ethynylphenols), along with sp2C-H insertion products which afford eventually 2-aroxybenzo[b]furans. Full article
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